Anoop Chaudhuri is a senior Global Human Resources Leader, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur, and as a lifelong learner and connector of dots. His journey has been about disruption and very diverse experiences in Business Services, Human Resources, Financial, Engineering and Manufacturing portfolios of Ford Motor Company in Australia, US, India and Thailand. Anoop works with individuals, teams and organisations to solve the challenges facing us today in this complex and volatile world by harnessing the power of technology, bringing together multiple disciplines and tapping into the unlimited potential that resides in all of us.

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Project Overview

Anoop Chaudhuri required a personal brand website to highlight his achievements in delivering business results across three continents over more than twenty years as a Global Human Resources Leader, Executive Coach and Entrepreneur. The website must have the functionality to post news articles, receive booking inquires, for keynote presentations, executive coaching and HR strategy training.

The Challenge

The administration of the website needed to be easily manageable, have a low learning curve, to edit and maintain. It needs to provide an overview on who and what Anoop does, and an easy way to receive booking inquires.








The Solution

Using rich media, custom plugins, animation and stunning visual assets, we created a fully-responsive single page website for desktop, tablet and mobile. We used a panel design approach to tell Anoop's personal brand story in sections, enabling the ability for brand story to evolve with the website. We added a call to action button that is always visible to the user, fulfilling the websites objective of receiving booking inquires via a custom form.

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